GAR Messershmitt Me109E - 21" Span

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Messershmitt Me109E flying scale model kit by Golden Age Reproductions. Officially known as the Bf109, the Allies called it 'Me109' for the first 2 letters of Messerschmitt. Kit includes vacuum-formed wheels, spinner, air intakes and canopy, plus water-slide decals.  Attractive and a very good flier, this would be a great model (and it's eligible!) for WWII mass-launch FAC contests!  Designed by Jim Fiorello for Golden Age Reproductions.   

21" wingspan
Lightweight printed balsa sheets
All sticks needed to build the model
Esaki Tissue covering
Full-size plan
Vacu-formed wheels, spinner, air intakes and canopy
Water-slide decals
Prop, bearing, shaft etc.
Rubber strip