Esaki White Tissue

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Lite-Flite genuine Esaki Tissue-White

Some Esaki Lite-Flite was discovered at a paper distributor in Japan in late 2020.  We got part of the stock, as did several other free flight suppliers.  If you want Esaki white, you now have another chance to get some!  

We are completely sold out of Esaki white.  Please check out our Asuka Flying Bird tissue!

Known for its strength and light weight. This tissue has a rough and a smooth/glossy side, and generally requires less finishing than other coverings, saving you even more weight. Each sheet is just under 18 x 24" since they are cut to 450 x 600 mm.

One Sheet - Made in Japan.

Notice: There is a limit of 50 sheets on this color of Esaki tissue.

The white of this tissue has a cream/canvas tone compared with Asuka white.  Esaki white is more transparent than Asuka Flying Bird white.